Canon Fodder

This is the hub for Wiki Moderators: Canon Fodder's re-canonization projects. If there is a massive canonical or plot-structural issue with a page or series of pages, or Staff decided that a page severely needs a rewrite, they will be sandboxed here and critiqued by Wiki Moderators Team: Statler & Waldorf.


  1. Copy the source of the page what needs to be re-canonized
    • Do so using the edit button, not source.
  2. Enter the title of the page into the form below.
  3. Paste the page source into the new page and save it as-is.
    • This gives us the current baseline for correcting and expanding the page.
  4. Tag the page with "cf-open" to signify that it's an open project.
  5. Let your team know in the Admin Forums that there's a new item to be re-canonized.
  6. Make the rewrites, adjustments, and whatnot.
  7. Use the Discussion Thread for the piece to discuss edits and ideas.
  8. Once that's finished, re-tag the "cf-open" tag with "cf-crit" and post a link to that article in the Admin Forums to let (WM-SW) know that you'd like the page critiqued.
  9. Make necessary changes and, if needed, re-crit.
  10. When all is said and done, replace the article on the Main Site, and re-tag the draft here in Staff from "cf-crit" to "cf-closed" to close out the issue.

To create a new sandbox item, please enter the page's title into this form:

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