Forum Moderators

Rule #1


"Don't be a dick."

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What we do

Our Mission

  • It is the primary mission of the Forum Moderators to perform the following tasks:
    • Monitor the forums for signs of the following:
      • Trolling
      • Vehemence
      • Backseat Modding
      • Necromancy
      • Role-playing
      • Shitposting
      • and other rule-breaking behaviors
    • Staff-post accordingly to a given situation when necessary:
      • "Staff Post - Open" is to be used when further discussion on a topic or an issue would be useful in some way.
      • "Staff Post - Closed" is to be used when further discussion on a topic or an issue would be detrimental in some way.
      • "Staff Post - Stop" is to be used when a conversation is getting out of hand.
      • "Staff Post - Vote" is to be used when a vote is required by Half-Staff or above.
      • "Staff Post - Deletion Vote" is to be used for Admin Voting regarding Deletions. (See Deletions Policy.)
      • "Staff Post - Warning" is to be used as an Unofficial Warning in conjunction with a "Stop," especially if the user in question displays no intention of doing so.
      • "Staff Post - Official Warning" is to be used as an Official Warning to warn a user that his or her behavior is becoming unacceptable.
    • Actively participate in forum discussions
    • Moderate and mediate wherever necessary


  • If an issue is detected on the Forums, it is the responsibility of the Forum Moderators Team to inform the Security Team or Policy Enforcement of the issue.
  • Staff of Half-Staff or higher may make posts regarding said issues in the Staff Forums.
  • If a user requests mediation or moderation, it must be handled initially by the Forum Moderators.
    • If, however, the situation is about to or is getting out of hand, the Forum Moderators team may call in Security or Policy to assist in handling the situation.

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Who we are

Team Leader


The Here and Now (FM-HN)

The WayBack Mechanics (FM-WB)

  • This division functions to actively monitor for necromantic activity on the Main Site Forum and attempt to subvert it whenever possible.
  • Subteam Leader
  • Team Members:
    • Full Staff
      • N/A
    • Half Staff
      • N/A
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