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Policy Discussion
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To discuss and debate policy. Proposals may be introduced, drafted, and discussed here before being submitted for official discussion and voting.
Submit your Proposals which require deliberation and voting here. If you see a thing here, come running or notify your TL.
25by Reverend FoxReverend Fox
04 Jan 2018 21:21Jump!
For voting on submitted Proposals.
210by ExistentialGrey89ExistentialGrey89
08 Jan 2018 16:56Jump!
General Discussion
//salute// General Discussion.
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Yes. Announcements. Just like it says on the tin.
88by Reverend FoxReverend Fox
25 Dec 2017 02:07Jump!
This category holds per-page comment threads
226by Reverend FoxReverend Fox
09 Jan 2018 17:25Jump!
Yep. This sub-forum is for talkin' Shop.
24by ExistentialGrey89ExistentialGrey89
24 Jul 2017 19:15Jump!
Everything else.
49by ExistentialGrey89ExistentialGrey89
19 Nov 2018 01:36Jump!
If you're taking time off, let us know here!
411by ExistentialGrey89ExistentialGrey89
23 Jan 2018 16:42Jump!
A place for security discussions, I guess.
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If you see a thing here, come running.
Users who need a warning but aren't directly breaking the rules.
12by ExistentialGrey89ExistentialGrey89
07 Jun 2017 18:04Jump!
Users who break the rules.
General -salute- Discussions Regarding the Main Forum
Administrative Functions
Where the real fun happens!
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If you see a thing here, come running.
A place for kittens, apparently.
810by Reverend FoxReverend Fox
07 Sep 2017 06:50Jump!
Discussion about bringing current users into our command center.
37by ExistentialGrey89ExistentialGrey89
05 Feb 2018 16:33Jump!
Site, rule, and policy changes. Any big issues to discuss.
720by Reverend FoxReverend Fox
18 Sep 2019 18:22Jump!
General -flipoff- Administrative Discussions
25by Reverend FoxReverend Fox
19 Dec 2017 21:23Jump!
Harassment Team
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If you see a thing here, come running.
This is where the Harassment Team will post Situational Reports.
Staff Drafts
A place for Staff Drafts. [Maybe that's what it said on the tin.]
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Free for all staff to critique.
14by Reverend FoxReverend Fox
15 Jan 2018 19:50Jump!
Post your drafts here for review, please.
313by TheBranTardTheBranTard
27 Oct 2016 04:28Jump!
If you collaborate with another staffer, put those drafts here, please.
12by Reverend FoxReverend Fox
29 Dec 2017 01:50Jump!
Things what may need writing.
39by Reverend FoxReverend Fox
18 Jun 2017 22:20Jump!
Deletion Logs
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Record all deleted threads here and include reason.
16by ExistentialGrey89ExistentialGrey89
17 Aug 2017 20:20Jump!
Record all deleted pages here and include reason.
15by ExistentialGrey89ExistentialGrey89
17 Aug 2017 20:21Jump!
Closed Threads
A place for closed issues.
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Proposals what have been voted on and resolved. Threads here will be locked and considered archived. It cuts down on what already seems like a clutterfuck.
941by Reverend FoxReverend Fox
20 Jul 2017 16:59Jump!
Other issues what have been resolved.
29by Vyper7777Vyper7777
22 Sep 2016 00:18Jump!
Deleted Threads. Check Thread Deletion Logs for info.
1531by Reverend FoxReverend Fox
14 Nov 2016 18:52Jump!

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