Harassment Team

Team Leader Admin

[ Reverend FoxReverend Fox (AD-TL) ]

What we do

Our Mission

  • It is the primary mission of the Harassment Team to perform the following tasks:
    • Maintain the safety of all members and staff of the site
    • Assess all harassment claims made
    • Handle all harassment claims with the utmost respect and privacy
    • Swiftly and efficiently come to clear determinations with regards to accuracy
  • It is the secondary mission of the Harassment Team to perform the following tasks:
    • To identify and predetermine cases in which harassment is likely
    • To try to stop cases of harassment before they begin
    • To stop cases of harassment before they blow out of proportion
    • To assist Wiki Moderators, Forum Moderators, and the Security Team in monitoring Creepers1.


  • Our Anti-Harassment and Anti-CyberStalking policies mirrors US Federal Anti-Cyber-Stalking law found at 47 U.S. Code ยง 223
    • Yes, we take this shit this seriously. Many of us here at the HRPG have suffered as a result of Internet Harassment, Bullying, and Stalking, and it is something we will not fucking tolerate.
  • All Harassment Team motions are to be carried out off-site in a dedicated zone which will be inaccessible to all but the TL Admins and the Harassment Team Staff above Half-Staff.

False-Flag Policy

  • Intentionally filing false harassment claims will incite immediate disciplinary action as this is something we simply will not tolerate. If there is someone you don't like on the site, deal with it. People not liking you is a simple fact of life.
  • This is not only immature, but highly dangerous and can be illegal. It also reflects badly on everyone involved, as any claim made to Harassment must be investigated by harassment as if it were true.
  • If a case is evaluated and discovered to be a False Flag, it will be treated as an act of open hostility toward the user in question2, the Site Staff, and the Site Owner.

Who we are

Team Leader

  • Reverend FoxReverend Fox (AD-TL)
    • The Reverend has been involved in security teams both on- and off-line, and in all involvements, he has been tasked with handling harassment cases in one form or another. Having been a part of many forums of various sizes, he's seen the darkest side of the internet and will strive to keep that darkness at bay.
    • As a member of certain groups known for punishing perpetrators of harassment in very harsh manners, he knows that many sites just don't give a shit about what its members are doing. Call it vigilante justice if you wish. Just know that his method works.


All Harassment Subteams work together in a cyclical fashion in order to maintain absolute fairness in all harassment cases.

Darkness Rising (HT-DR)

  • Creeper Monitors.
    • It is the responsibility of (HT-DR) to monitor for possible harassment and to issue STOPs whenever necessary.

Zanward's Black Hoof (HT-BH)

  • Harassment Investigators.
    • It is the responsibility of (HT-BH) to work with the community in investigating harassment cases.

Yllanda's Rage (HT-YR)

  • Harassment Determinations.
    • It is the responsibility of (HT-YR) to complete the investigation of harassment cases and pass their absolute determinations to ExistentialGrey89ExistentialGrey89, Security Team, in order to issue punishment.


Creeper Identification

A person or group of persons who stalk, harass, or otherwise make uncomfortable (an)other person(s), mainly intentionally, on a consistent basis.

  • Identifying a Creeper:
      • Honestly, this is not as simple a task as it seems. Creepers don't have green moss for skin. They don't hiss like a lit fuse whenever someone gets too close. However, they do have a tendency to blow up and cause destruction.
    • There are a few ways to identify a Creeper.
      • The "Eyes-On" method.
        • Monitoring for constant irrelevant, pointless, or otherwise inapropos interaction between one member and another. This could take the form of a member replying to everything that another user posts with disconnected concepts.
        • This generally follows a reported offense.
      • The "Let Slip the Dogs of War" method.
        • Actively hunting through threads and articles to find and connect such behaviors with the users committing them.
        • This generally does not follow a reported offense.
          • If it does follow a reported offense, then it is being done so as recommended by determination.
      • The "Paladin" method.
        • Actively messaging users on a regular basis to determine if anyone is being harassed.
        • This may or may not follow a reported offense, but generally follows some sort of suspicious activity.


  • To make a long story short, harassment cases are higher on the list of priorities than Copyright claims.
    • ALL harassment reports must be investigated as if true.
    • Under no circumstances are we to ignore a reported incident.
    • Under no circumstances are we to publicly identify the victim.
    • The only information to be publicized is as follows:
      • A very brief report which includes the date, site location, and violator.
      • Punishment determination.
      • Length of the Banhammer prescribed by said determination.
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