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Rule #1


"Don't be a dick."

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This is the main staff page for all Wiki Moderators!

What do we do?

It's pretty self explanatory, actually. We moderate the Wiki! We watch it to make sure the articles remain canonical, well-written, and free of bad grammar, poor spelling, and plot holes!

Why do we do it?

To look cool, duh. To keep an air of professionalism; to make sure that the wiki is simple to understand and provides proper and useful information about the subjects it covers!

What to look for…

There are three Wiki Moderators teams: The spelling and grammar team, the lore team, and the critique and review team. Each of the teams are listed below and on the team structure page. Each team has a particular duty, and therefore different things to look for.

Let's get into that now!

WM Teams


Hello, lovers of spelling and grammar!

What to look for…
  • Spelling errors
  • Punctuation errors
  • Improper sentence structure
How to handle it…
  • Correct it!
  • Correct it!
Special circumstances
  • Deliberate changes to page grammar (1337 speak, memeing, ect…) must be reported to Security.

Canon Fodder (WM-CF)

Howdy, fans of fiction!

What to look for…
  • Stuff that never happened
  • Incorrect information
  • Illogical information
  • Plot holes
  • Shitposting
  • Goofs (Accidently incorrect information)
How to handle it…
  • Screenshot or quote block the item before correcting it
  • Report obvious shitposting to Disciplinary w/ attached quote block/screenshot
  • Investigate and start a discussion about smaller (potentially accidental) items
  • Edit articles once the above steps are complete

Statler & Waldorf (WM-SW)

Greetings, cynics!

What to do…
  • Read over wiki page submissions in the forums
  • Provide a useful critique of the submission in a reply
  • When the page is well-written enough, run it by peer for approval
  • DO NOT edit submissions
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